School District Websites

Gabbart Communications provides a custom-designed District Website that is dedicated to the needs of the District.  Calendars are integrated together, providing a simple solution to share information.  A Campus Selector makes navigating from the district to individual campuses very simple. 


School Websites

Gabbart Communications provides a custom-design for each School Website which includes customized colors, mascots, calendars, etc. to make each campus unique.  We empower Faculty to update the website without any technical knowledge. We’ve done the technical work so they don’t have to!


Teacher Websites

Gabbart Communications includes Teacher Micro-Websites.  Teachers ranging from K-12 have many different needs.  Our solution allows each teacher to create a website to meet their individual needs and help facilitate communications to help improve parental involvement and improve grades.



Gabbart Communications provides websites to hundreds of school districts across Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and the central US. Our K12 Content Management System (CMS) makes website management easy. Our mission is to connect Schools, Parents, and Communities through Cloud-Based communication tools, while enhancing parental involvement and improving public relations. We provide teachers with the tools they need to enhance the educational experience in a digital age. We currently serve over 300,000 students and have trained over 25,000 teachers on our CMS & Lesson Plan system.

Our web hosting is 93% eligible for priority one e-rate funding, which saves your school district even more money. It's time for Gabbart Communications to host your website in our state-of-the-art network operations center. Give us a call today!

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We are proud to announce that Gabbart Communications has become the largest webhosting company for Oklahoma School Districts.  We have been selected by over 220 Oklahoma school districts to provide their website solution.  We have also been onsite at each district and have met and trained thousands of Oklahoma Educators.   We are proud to have the easiest website to use on the market, 13,000 teachers can't be wrong! Thank you for your vote of confidence in our company!