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Two Oklahoma-based organizations OPSRC and Gabbart are coming together to help provide you with an amazing opportunity to improve your website.

K-12 Websites

K-12 Single Website

Easy-to-use, feature-rich products keep your school district’s brand at the forefront of modern technology while providing the nation’s best uptime rates of 99.999% all backed and secured by Amazon Web Services. As an OPSRC member, you get exclusive discounts on some of our best products. See the options below and learn how your website can be powered by Gabbart with OPSRC!



 Local Support

 Mobile Responsive Site 

Google Integrations 

News Alerts 



Built-In and Custom Forms

Unlimited Storage

Social Media Manager

Campus Life App






E-Notes Pro: Mass Notifications

SMS Text and Email integration with the school website allowing parents to subscribe to a class, teacher, campus, extracurricular or district E-Notes list to receive text and email about upcoming events, news, and more. 

voice mass notifications 

E-Notes Voice: Mass Notifications

Provides voice calls, text, and email for emergency alerts, parent notification, and attendance calls. It also includes E-Notes Pro which allows parents to subscribe to a class, teacher, campus, and more!


phone app

 SchoolDoor: Parent App

Completely integrated with your website, calendars, directory, social media & more. SchoolDoor App provides a shared platform you can search and subscribe to the school of your choice.


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Once you have completed your registration, you can move into the design process. 

Click the below examples for an overview of the design choices, then check your registration email for the link to the design form.
If you have any questions, please reach out to us via email at or by phone at 405-725-1550.


Design 1 example


Contained Site

- Bootstrap Nav with hover


Text Area

Design Shortcuts (2-6)

Double Calendar


Two Column Text Area

Footer 1


Design 2 example


Uncontained Site

Bootstrap Nav with hover




Single Column Text Area

Three Column Text Area

Footer 4

design 3 example


Contained Site

Bootstrap Nav with hover  and up to 4 quick links


Design Scrollovers (2 or 3)

Trendy News

Single Column Text Area

Two Column Text Area

Footer 3