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Will Raines

Will Raines

Chief Technology Officer

Will Raines graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science in 2003 and has been with Gabbart Communications since 2010, first as a Sales Representative/Trainer and now the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In this new role, Will manages the team of developers, graphic designers, and support staff, working with them to ensure that the focus of the development team meets the needs reported by the support department from their interactions with our customers. This new collaboration is already showing to have a more significant impact on the work done by both departments. As a result of this, Will can ensure that customers receive the best product and support possible.

In addition to his work in management, Will has created and programmed some of Gabbart Communications’ most successful products. He is never afraid to roll up his sleeves and dive into code work; he is responsible for the original E-Notes and Cashless products and overseeing their growth with project leads at the helm. He custom-built the quote/bid generation and management system Gabbart uses today. He also oversaw the design and development of Wisdom LMS, the Branded and Schooldoor Apps, all of the Campus Life products, and many more. Will takes pride in the quality of the Gabbart Communications website product and service.

When Will is not at work, he enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with his wife, Aprill, a 20-year veteran educator, and their three children, Braden, Lydia, and Sophie.


Work Phone:
(877) 810-6894
Cell Phone:
(580) 230-0465