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The E-Notes Notification Center (ENC) is included with E-Notes Pro & E-Notes Voice at no additional cost. The ENC empowers your parents the ability choose what type of notifications they want to receive (Emergency, Specific Campuses, Classrooms, Organizations, Athletics) and how they want to be contacted from the school.


Parents have a login and manage their own e-mail address & phone numbers, which are verified automatically. They choose if they prefer calls, text, email, or any combination. Parents can even choose to be called for some E-Notes and select text or emailed for others.


Example 1: Parents can select to be Called for Emergencies andText for Band or Classroom Announcements.  


Example 2: Your child is in band this year, so you select that you want band notifications. Next year, they choose to play football instead of band, so you uncheck band and check football to turn off band notifications and start getting football notifications. It’s that simple!