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Meet The Team


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Full Width School related picture
Full Width School related picture

Tim Patton

TIM PATTON   |   Director of Operations & Finance

Josie Zaber​​

JOSIE ZABER   |   Accounting Administration

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Chris Yee​​

CHRIS YEE   |   Director of Marketing


ZOE ADAIR   |   Client Success Manager


Samantha Bishop

SAMANTHA BISHOP   |  Lead Client Success Agent

Aaron Raines​​​

AARON RAINS   |   Client Support Representative

Nathan James​​​​

NATHAN JAMES   |   Client Support Representative

Adyson Gabbart​​​​

ADYSON GABBART   |   Client Support Representative


TYLER HAMBLIN   |  Client Support Representative


Elisabeth Trujillo​​​​

ELISABETH TRUJILLO   |   Marketing Specialist

Spencer Patton​​​

SPENCER PATTON   |   Videographer

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Tobey Quoss​​​​

TOBEY QUOSS, MBA   |  Sales Manager

Brian Allen​​​

BRIAN ALLEN   |   Senior Account Manager

​​​Frankie Hill

FRANKIE HILL   |   Account Manager

Mike Palmer​​​

MICHAEL PALMER   |   Account Manager


PATTI KOSLO   |   Territory Manager


Kim Detomo​​​

KIM DETOMO   |   Senior Sales Representative

Catherine McCauley​​​

CATHERINE McCAULEY   |   Sales Representative

Gina Ciuffetelli​​​

GINA CIUFFETELLI   |   eLearning Technologist

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Will Raines​​

WILL RAINES   |   Director of Technology

Glenn Powell​​

GLENN POWELL   |   Lead CMS Developer

Dalton Boyer​​

DALTON BOYER   |   Lead WISDOM LMS Developer



Nathan Young​​

NATHAN YOUNG   |   E-Notes & CMS Developer

Eddie Teixeira​​

EDDIE TEIXEIRA   |   Lead App Developer

Cristian Ponce​​​

CRISTIAN PONCE   |   Lead Cashless Campus Developer

Bryan Mobbs​​​

BRYAN MOBBS   |   Wisdom LMS Developer

Austin Finch​​

AUSTIN FINCH   |   Wisdom LMS Developer

Taylar Hough​​

TAYLAR HOUGH   |   Lead Graphic Designer


​​Aaron Newhouse

AARON NEWHOUSE   |   Graphic Designer


​​Austin Roach​​

AUSTIN ROACH   |   LMS Intern Developer


​​Ty photo​​​

Ty Weatherly   |   LMS Developer


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