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Lauren Rhodes

Lauren Rhodes

Sales Representative

Lauren Rhodes is the equivalent of Southern Charm, as a Georgia Native, not the tv show. She holds her Bachelors from Georgia Southern University with a minor in business. She loves building relationships and learning how she can help share your school's story.

Lauren's career path has consisted of helping her husband run his own welding business, customer service, sales, and human resources. Lauren has a passion for problem-solving and figuring out how she can turn problems into real-time solutions. It is just a matter of fitting the puzzle pieces together and having the patience to do so. 

Lauren runs a small hobby farm with her family on 5 acres. She owns a horse, many chickens, cats, and a dog. Her favorite chicken is a Silkie Hen named Sassy Pants! Lauren has been married for 10+ years and has two beautiful daughters, Hannah & Emma. When she is not working she enjoys quality time with her family in their garden, cooking comfort food, and painting vintage furniture.