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Integrated Calendars

Gabbart Calendars allow you the ability to create an Event and push it across all Campus Calendars, or pull ALL District Events to be displayed on one Calendar. Create as many calendars as needed. They’re unlimited! 


News & Announcements

Add announcements to the website when it is convenient for you. Our scheduling system will turn items on and off the website based upon the schedule you set.  Keeping your website up to date and never stagnant.


Emergency Notification

When an Emergency Notification is set, the alert will appear at the top of every page on your website. It also can be linked to a document or web page to provide more information about the emergency.


User Management

Our User Management gives you complete control of user rights, down to a page. Adding Users is simple! Once you create a user all pages, storage, user rights, and more are automatically created.


Unlimited Users

Our system allows for unlimited users to be added to your website. Whether you are a small or large school district, we can meet your needs. You can also manage Users from any mobile device!


Global Admin Rights

District Website Administrators can log into all campus web pages using the same username and password. They can add and manage teachers and staff, move teachers from one campus to another and even assign teacher rights.


Secure Online Forms

Publish your forms online. Job Applications, Technology Requests, Bully Reports, and more! We have prebuilt forms ready to use or you can build any custom form you may need with our Form Builder.



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Online Store and Donate

Create a PCI Compliant Online Store to promote your products, fundraisers, donations, and more! Add a Donate Page to showcase your needs and make it easier for people to engage in donations.