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E-Notes Notifications

E-notes allow teachers to communicate with Parents and Students Via E-MAIL and TEXT Messages. Send Test Reminders, Project Notifications, or Field Trip Info directly to parents to improve communications and eliminate paper notes.

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans can be easily built. Add State Standards with one click. Built Curriculum library is available year after year with unlimited storage. Parents can subscribe to lesson plans to keep up with changes. Lessons can also be emailed if needed.

Text Editor

Inherit the instant sense of mastery through our easy to use text editor. Our Text Editor has many familiar functions and icons. You can easily type in text, copy & paste from any Microsoft or Apple software, insert pictures, videos, iFrame, and so much more!

Unlimited Pages

UNLIMITED pages give you the flexibility on the feel and look of your website. Schedule content to be published and removed at certain dates and times.

Homework Submission

Easily allow students to submit their work online to you. Uploaded files are emailed to you and stored in the cloud with the date and time of submission.

Examview Page

Quickly and easily create study guides, chapter reviews, and online tests using ExamView and then publish them on your website through our ExamView page.


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Unlimited Blogs

Create BLOGs to discuss an upcoming subject or upcoming event! Setup Podcast for parents & students to subscribe to, or listen to them directly on the website.

Unlimited Videos

Add a video from YouTube, TeacherTube, or another source. Upload your videos recorded from any device. With unlimited storage for all your video needs.

Google Integration

Easily link and add content from your Google Suite with Gabbart’s complete integration. From Single Sign-on, Google classroom, to Google Drive, and more!

Unlimited Calendars

Gabbart's CMS allows you to create Calendars for every campus, department, organization, and teacher. Events can be schedules once or set up to reoccur based on the need.

Integrated Calendars

With a simple click of a checkbox all calendars can feed into your main calendar. This allows a parent to see everything in one location, or just look at a single Calendar.

Subscribe, Print and Email

Gabbart Calendars allow parents to subscribe to one or multiple calendars. Calendar subscriptions greatly improve communication and increases parental involvement.

Cafeteria Menu

Online cafeteria menus can help students decide whether to pack their lunch or bring lunch money! You can enter a menu item once and even have it automatically repeat every 4th week.



R-School Integration

Schools using the R-School online scheduling system to manage athletic schedules can easily display R-School athletic schedules within your website using the Gabbart’s Calendar.



Calendar Attachments

Gabbart’s Calendar can have Online forms, documents, pictures, and web pages attached directly to a single calendar event. You can even include a Google Map with detailed directions!