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Lesson Plans

With WISDOM LMS you can attach lesson plans to a course, include state standards, vocabulary, and more! Modify plans to fit learning styles or individual student needs. Plans are also easily copied/shared with other teachers and the WISDOM global community.



Teachers may choose several types of assignments within a lesson plan. Assignments include digital, paper/pencil, and discussion boards. Assignments permit teachers to include links, documents, images, audio, video files, etc.


Make-Up Work

Promote efficiency in monitoring make-up work. Teachers can establish the parameters and WISDOM manages make-up work and it notifies the teacher upon completion.




WISDOM exam questions can be auto or manually graded by the teacher based upon exam configuration. Teachers can reveal the exam grade immediately or wait until every student has completed the exam.



Assignments & Exam Modifications

WISDOM allows for different learning styles and individualized learning needs making it easy to document and track the success of students in need of modified learning. Intervention methods include modifying time limits, weight groups, question banks, fewer questions, etc.


Countdown Timer

WISDOM timed exams, provide teachers with an accurate prediction of student success in standardized testing.

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