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Shared Content & Curriculum

Save time and effort by sharing and improving content. WISDOM promotes collaboration among teachers, districts, and the WISDOM global community. Course content (assignments, exams, lessons, and more!) is easily shared, copied & modified.


Question Banks

WISDOM currently includes many question types with more coming soon. Question banks are versatile and can be used in whole or selected questions in exams. Question banks can be shared with teachers, districts, and the WISDOM global community.


Academic Standards

Course content can be aligned to state standards. The greatest benefit of aligning lessons to standards and objectives is the potential for achieving the learning outcomes we want to see. WISDOM alignment tools help teachers tailor instruction to individual learners and learning styles.



Course Resources

Resources can be attached to courses, shared, and are searchable by textbook title or ISBN, syllabus info, file names, and many other details. Multimedia files including images, audio, video, links and much more are easily attached to a course with 1 click.



WISDOM Calendars are feature-rich and color-coded. Google Calendars and Gabbart Website calendars feed events into WISDOM personal calendars. Student calendars feed into the family calendar, allowing parents to easily view everyone’s schedule.



WISDOM has a curriculum rescheduler because, well… stuff happens! With one click teachers select courses and “bump” assignments forward, keeping lesson plans in order. It even accounts for school holidays and schools teaching a four-day schedule. Teachers love this feature.


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