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Analytic Reporting


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Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum Mapping links lessons & curriculum content to standards allowing teachers to easily focus on prerequisite concepts. With this powerful tool, teachers using curriculum maps best facilitate learning as students develop a real-world application of lessons.​


Graphical Exam Results

Colorful pie charts reflect class understanding per question in all testing. Class mastery of questions and objectives is quickly identified. Non-mastered objectives become obvious when the majority of the class incorrectly answers a question.​ 


Academic Standards

Educators can quickly identify when standards have or have not been mastered. Reteaching a lesson is easy because lessons are aligned to standards. Educators can then ensure mastery of the entire class.


Course Averages

Full-color charts and graphs help all users (students, parents, teachers, and administrators) easily determine student success within courses. Charts and graphs can be pulled for a single course or course compilation reflecting a student’s overall success for a defined grading period.​


Course Average Comparison

Letter grades are one way to measure student success, but an individual’s rank among students enrolled in a course is a success from another perspective. Student rank in a course is an important landmark in their learning path.​


Progress Reports

Student and/or class progression over time is key in measuring learner outcomes. WISDOM Progress Reports provide immediate visual understanding regarding student/class progression. Reports include grades such as assignments, exams, and/or feedback.​


Eligibility Information

Administrators set the eligibility grade for their campus. Eligibility reporting in WISDOM immediately identify students ineligible for participation. Determining eligibility has never been more effortless!​


User Activity

User Activity reports reflect teacher and student activity within the WISDOM system. Student testing and assignment completion as well as teacher creation of assignments, assessments, lesson plans, announcements, etc. are all measured in WISDOM’s User Activity reports.​

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