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User Types

There are four primary user types in the WISDOM system: student, parent, teacher, and staff. Users identified as Staff include the following roles: teacher, principal, counselor, secretary, superintendent, and administrator​


Contact Verification

WISDOM pulls parent’s contact information from your Student Information System. When a parent first logs into WISDOM, it requires parents to verify or update all of their contact information. WISDOM requires verification every six months. Updates are sent to designated SIS person for verification.​


Grade Notifications

WISDOM will automatically notify parents when their child’s course average falls below a certain percentage. They can also choose to be notified if a low assignment or exam score is received.​




Self Registration

Access to the WISDOM parent portal allows parents to communicate with the school and monitor the progress of their child(ren). Self-registration eliminates the nightmare of providing paper directions with passwords that rarely get home and generate a lot of phone calls.​


Grade Forecaster

Grade Forecaster allows students to see the direct impact making a "0" from not turning in a paper or acing a test will have on their final grade. Students do best when they take ownership of grades. The Grade Forecaster encourages students to establish desired test outcomes and strive for a high score.​



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