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Easily notify faculty, parents, students, staff, and administration of all school events and important functions. New notifications are displayed on the home screen and easily viewed by all WISDOM users.  


Internal Messaging

WISDOM includes internal messaging for all users. No outside mail client is needed. Student to student messaging can be enabled by the site administrator. All messaging is monitored for bad language.


Change Requests

Parents can contact the school via the messaging system with requests for information and/or updating current SIS information with new contact information. These requests can be routed by the SIS system administrator to a specified staff member.



Announcements can be created for specific groups. WISDOM will send announcements to courses, groups, campus users, district users, and/or grade levels.



Forums can be assigned to a course, groups, campus users, district users, and/or grade levels. All forum posts are monitored for bullying, bad language, and drugs.


Discussion Boards

WISDOM includes discussion boards as an assignment type. Discussion boards evaluated by participation standards alone can be auto-graded. Discussion boards based upon content are manually graded.


Parent Letters

Administrators and counselors are given an easy way to connect faculty to families. By clicking a button, bulk correspondence is prepared for sending to all parents via email. Selection can be made by district, campus, grade, course, and/or individual.

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