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SIS Integration

Wisdom will auto-create user accounts based on the information provided by the SIS and sync nightly to ensure you have the most current information.


LTI Assignment Tools

With full LTI integration, you have access to multiple resources such as Curriculum Pathways or other LTI compatible 3rd party companies. 


Data Migration

Data migration has never been easier with our full LTI integration. Contact us to see if your current LMS is compatible.


Unlimited Storage

File space is unlimited with WISDOM! At Gabbart Communications, we encourage teachers to engage students with multimedia presentations by giving them all the creative space they need. 


Audio / Video Player

WISDOM includes audio and video players to enhance every student's learning experience. Teacher-created content is easy and engaging!




Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

WISDOM is responsive across all devices, meets ADA requirements, and includes extra accessibility tools such as larger fonts, built-in screen reader, and Google translation.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Backbone

WISDOM by Gabbart Communications is hosted and protected in the same data center as other large name websites that you know and trust such as Amazon, Netflix, Instagram, Pinterest, and Dropbox. Load balancing, hourly back-ups, and unlimited storage for your data are provided at no additional charge.


99.999% LMS Uptime

Be wary of companies touting 99% uptime. This translates to 5,256 minutes per year without services. Wisdom guarantees a 99.999% uptime making sure your teachers can teach and students can learn anytime! There is a huge difference!


Continuous Backups

Your data is safe with Gabbart. All WISDOM information is backed up and replicated to multiple data centers across the country, as part of our AWS configuration.

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