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Canvas vs Google Classroom

Google Vs. Canvas LMS

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Google Classrooms 


This system is easy-to-learn and does integrate with different apps and web pages. You can share, collect, and grade G Suite documents. There are some things you should be aware of. The integration with student information services is still in development, and there are no standards-based grading options at this time. There is an option for teachers to email summaries to parents from Google classroom. However, these are limited only to missing assignments, upcoming assignments, and announcements. The parents do not have access to get information on their students' grades. You are also unable to have individualized discussion boards that cause messages to frequently get mixed up. 




You can create quizzes and even pull past questions from a question bank. With Canvas you are responsible for creating all your content. You can create mastery plans for the students based on what they completed and how well they performed. You can take the content you created and have it roll over year to year. Some people find the system very difficult to use and that it takes too much time to learn. Canvas is more interactive than Google classrooms in both synchronous and asynchronous learning.  You cannot masquerade as a student to see how they are viewing the assignments. Making it difficult to see if the content is understandable to the learner.


Wisdom was created to meet the needs of PreK - 12 educators. Wisdom integrates with Google Classroom, allowing teachers to easily use content created there. It also is much easier to use than Canvas. Content created for one section is automatically copied to all sections of that course. It can also be reused year after year.


Course Curriculum

Lesson Plans, Exams, Assignments, and Standards are easily created and managed within WISDOM.



Easily develop content using WISDOM's teaching tools to engage students with different learning styles.


Analytic Reporting

Empower team members to make informed decisions using real-time data.​​                                                 


User Portals

Access your personalized calendar, content, grades, and all school communications using one login.




Access from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Unlimited storage & Amazon AWS backbone make WISDOM the smart choice.



Stay Connected

Faculty, Parents, and Students stay connected through messaging, forums, and discussion boards.



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