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APP - School Door

In the digital age, schools are utilizing a variety of platforms to communicate with parents, students, and communities which include, websites, social media, and apps.  In addition to websites, Gabbart Communications provides two types of integrated native apps: E-Notes App & Custom Branded App. 


The E-Notes App is completely integrated with our website solution.   Calendars, News, Directories, and Announcements are immediately added to the app as they are created within the website.  Gradebooks, Cafeteria Menus, Sports Schedules, Student Handbooks, Forms, and much more can also be added into the app.


The difference between E-Notes App and Custom Branded Apps is all about marketing your school district.  The functionality of both apps are the same.  However, E-Notes App is a shared App, making it a low-cost solution.  As a shared App, your parents would download the E-Notes App from their app store.  Once installed, the App will display the E-Notes icon on their device.


If you prefer to market your school district through your app, please consider our Custom Branded App

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