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What's New Wednesday

Thank you to the over 100 attendees that joined us today! We always look forward to the opportunity to connect with each of you. Below are a few things to recap what was covered during the webinar:

- Recap of GABCON 22 Tech Talk
- Update to the Directory of People Page
- Revision history
- Approval Process
- Inline Editing
- Notify Updates
- Notify Dynamic Lists
- Notify 360

Click the play button to begin watching the recording. We hope to see you next time for What's New Wednesday!






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Notify Overview

Take a look at the latest and greatest updates to the Notify system. During this session, we'll take a look at a few key features such as:

~Dynamic lists
~Profile Bank for subscribers
~Sending multiple methods of communication at one time




Sidebars Webinar





Take a look at the latest and greatest updates to the page stacks. During this session, we'll take a look at a few key features such as:

~Page stack options that help recreate sidebar content
~Sub navigation
~Changing the landing page of a section of pages




 Why a Redesign is Important to Accessibility


Join us for a webinar with our partner, Monsido, who will discuss why web accessibility is so important and how to incorporate it into your website redesign process.

This webinar took place Tuesday, March 16th, at 10:00 AM CST.  Please feel free to watch or share the recorded session. If you have additional questions or would like more information, call us at 877-810-6894!  






WISDOM LMS - Updates and Newest Features!


We will showcase the modifications, student views, attendance tracking, and MORE!


User-friendly Learning Management System?


Time-saving tips that work! WISDOM helps meet the needs of all students, including those with Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s). 

Attendance Tracking & Google Classroom Integration 


See how WISDOM LMS can help you track attendance, integrate Google classroom, and more!

Is your New Year’s Resolution to get an LMS Platform that simplifies online learning?


A quick view of amazing features including SNAPSHOT, Attendance Tracker, Grade Center, and Modifications for IEP or 504 Requirements!



WISDOM Learning Management System: Breaking the Mold of Differentiated Instruction


Get practical strategies for implementing Differentiated Instruction in your classroom (that will actually work!) with and without technology.


 Beginner: Course Homepage Creation for WISDOM Learning Management System


Walkthrough the ends and outs of creating a homepage that will increase engagement and serve as a learning hub for your students! 




Photo Editing: Stylize Photos for your School. 


​Make the best of the photos you take! In this webinar, we will dive into each setting from exposure and contrast to dual-tone editing and color calibration.


 Beginner Video: Tips & Tools for Marketing your District. 


Learn the basics of shooting great videos, the best ways to compose your videos, tips for all camera types, and a free in-depth gear guide!


Advanced Video: Storytelling & Video Editing. 


This webinar is for those who want to dive deeper into videography and video editing. In this webinar, we’ll be diving into transitions, video effects, storytelling techniques, and video export settings.

Navigating Social Media for Educators 


Practical advice for getting people onboard, assigning responsibilities, and crystal clear guidelines for proper behavior.  Learn the best way to handle every aspect of social media including any negative that might seep onto the digital world.

Communication Skills to Maximize your Digital Tools


Families want to stay in touch, but can’t necessarily come to a meeting. Learn how to do all of this while remaining consistent with your brand and pro-actively earning trust and involvement from your community. 

Crisis Communication Planning & Readiness 


From current events to a social media firestorm, schools must be prepared to communicate with the media, parents, and communities in an instant.


Simple Ways to Improve Your Newsletters!


Our ability to effectively communicate with Students and Parents is absolutely critical. Pat Hawn from BenchmarkONE K12 shows quick and practical ways to improve your Newsletters. 


ADA standards: Sterling from Monsido


Join Monsido to see how their easy-to-use platform includes automated website accessibility testing and website maintenance solutions to improve your website user experience.

Simple Tips to maintain your website’s ADA standards


Get insights on how to improve your website so that it is accessible, error-free, and user-friendly—all on one platform. Ensure the quality of your website and avoid a bad user experience. 



 Campus Life – Simple ways to Increase Communication


Walkthrough the free app that is available for all Gabbart users! See how easy it is to update news articles, send out mass notifications, and even manage your website from your device. 

 Cashless Campus – A Guide to Your Online Store


Take a walk-through of your online store. See how to access reports, set up purchase notifications, products management, and more!


 Page Stacks – How and when to use them


Creating, editing, and modifying page stack items. Helpful tips to keep your site up to date with little user management. Tips to save time and maximize your website pages.


 Website Designs: How to tell if it’s time to redesign


Go through the features and designs available to your district. See if it’s time to redesign and why it’s important to keep your website updated! 


 Communication Tools & Social Media Integration


See how to connect your social media to Gabbart's websites. Discover how easy it is to edit your website, share your story, send mass notifications, and more right from your mobile device! 

 All things Calendars & End of School Events


The 2020 - 2021 school year is coming to an end soon. Take a look at how Gabbart’s calendar and Google integration could save you time & energy!



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