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Learning Management System allows teachers to facilitate individualized learning both inside and outside the classroom. LMS is integrated with state standards and allows curriculum mapping for all subjects and grade levels. For students on an IEP, LMS can be customized for modified instruction. School administrators can access reports on students and teachers with regard to state standards.


• Individualized Learning
• Assignments
• Online Exams & Make-Up Exams
• IEP Modifications
• Lesson Plans with State Standards
• Curriculum Mapping
• Announcements
• Internal Messaging with Monitoring
• Parent Letters & Contact Verification
• Report: Student, Teacher & Standards
• Forums
• Discussion Boards
• Shared Question Banks
• Unlimited Storage


Teachers can display current lesson plans or choose to use a built-in lesson plan page. Built-in lesson plans allow teachers to increase their curriculum library for availability year after year. Built-in lessons can be emailed to principals or parents. These lesson plans can be subscribed to so that when lessons are added or updated, it will be modified on recipients’ calendar or phone. These lessons also provide a personal notes area that only the teacher can access, so they can receive feedback and make notes for future years.


• E-Notes
• Web Polls
• Calendars
• Weather
• Countdown Timers
• RSS Feeds & Podcasts
• Audio Player
• Slide Shows
• Advertising