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Why Choose Gabbart Communications?

Gabbart Communications is one of the leading educational technology companies in the United States. The company is continually improving the quality and diversity of services with new technology while adding clients in a competitive market. Gabbart Communications connects schools, parents and communities through cloud-based communication tools that enhance parent involvement and improve public relations. Gabbart provides cutting-edge technology to over 425 school districts with over 750,000 students and 50,000 teachers in the central United States. Gabbart provides websites, mobile apps, notifications to parents (call, text and email), and a learning management system to connect students, teachers, parents, and communities. 


Gabbart Communications partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide trusted and reliable service to school districts. Gabbart school websites are hosted and protected in the same data center as Netflix, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Instagram and Pinterest. Load balancing, hourly backups, and unlimited storage for data is provided at no additional charge.


The content management system provided by Gabbart Communications is easy to use for anyone to create their own website. With over 30 page-design formats to choose, school district staff can add content to build the pages needed without focusing on the technical aspects of the site. Whether instructional technologist, webmaster, administrator or teacher, all staff can add content to web pages with minimal training.


Training and support are the top priorities for Gabbart Communications. Trainers travel to school districts to train website administrators, instructional technologists, and/or teachers. Teacher-training classes focus time discussing why teachers need to have a website, content ideas, how to create pages, and how to add content. At the conclusion of training classes, teachers are given the personal cell phone numbers of their trainers. When calling for support, teachers and staff talk with the person who trained them. Gabbart also provides free regional training classes for your website administrators every summer.


Gabbart Communications pricing is determined by the total number of students, therefore both small and large schools are able to receive the same communication tools. Unlike our competitors, annual graphic design changes, updates and upgrades to the content management system are all included – without any hidden fees!